Article #5: Overcoming Obstacles

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Overcoming Obstacles

Know that the road will not be a straight, smooth ride toward the ultimate destination. There will be some turns, there will be some potholes, and there may be some accidents, but know, believe, and even imagine that no matter the obstacle, you can climb over it, work around it, and overcome it.

Stick to it, persevere; be resilient, relentless, and committed to these goals and they will be yours.

Life is complicated. James Clear wrote about this: “Problems seem to arise naturally on their own, while solutions always require our attention, energy, and effort. Life never seems to just work itself out.”

Why is that? There are multiple forces at work; one is entropy, and another is Murphy’s Law. Entropy is one of the great natural forces of our universe.

Entropy here is defined as a lack of order or predictability; a gradual decline into disorder.

This force is so fundamental to the way our world works that it permeates nearly every endeavor we pursue. It is the one force that governs everybody’s life.

Without effort, life tends to lose order. Before you get depressed, there is good news.

You can fight back.
You can clean a messy room.
You can organize individuals into a cohesive team.
You can build a financial fortress.

The odds are strong that you will encounter Murphy. Murphy’s Law is a pessimistic viewpoint that asserts that whatever can go wrong, will go wrong. I don’t ascribe to believing that, but there are times when stuff happens.

You’ve all heard it before, S!*T happens.
Well, when Murphy strikes, strike back!
Pick yourself up, dust yourself off, and get back to it—you can do it!

Successful finances, just like successful relationships, require care and attention. Successful houses require cleaning and maintenance. Successful teams require communication and collaboration. The only way to make things orderly again is to add energy.

The order requires effort.

Equipped with that knowledge, it is up to you to take the action necessary to become empowered.

Overcoming obstacles has a lot to do with GRIT.  Grit is a topic I have begun to learn more about through Steven Kotler’s work in Mindvalley called “The Habit of Ferocity,” and Angela Duckworth’s book titled GRIT.  Believe it or not, there are prescribed methods to get more gritty.  In fact, it is a habit that we can learn.

Overcoming obstacles is Step #4 in this process.

To help you put all this information together, I created the following chart to provide a visual representation of the process. You can find more details about the chart in the previous articles which are available at https://www.webuildabetteru.com/articles/

Or on Medium at https://dave-razo.medium.com/

If you would like to download a full-page color depiction of this chart send me a note at Dave.Razo@WeBuildABetterU.com and I will send it to you.  I promise.

This seven-step goal achievement process is completed by working each step from left to right. Below the major headings is a summary of useful tips to accomplish each step. Getting into a peak state and practicing a daily mindfulness routine is very helpful for shifting your identity to the new blueprint you want to create. Periodically review your goals, daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly, etc. through the “rinse and repeat process” to ensure you stay on track.

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In the coming articles, I will dive deeper into each of these seven master steps to provide you a path to achieving any goal you set your mind to. The next four steps are:

Turbo Boost – Flow & Environment – Bonus Material

  • Accountability –Forcing Functions
  • Massive Action—Revisions and Celebrations

So stay tuned, and we will get there together.
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