Setting Goals and Visions: From Lacking to Dreaming

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Setting goals is a fundamental part of personal and professional growth. Whether you develop your goals based on a sense of lacking or a deep desire, having a vision is crucial. In this blog, we will explore the two main areas from which goals commonly arise and discuss the importance of having a vision to guide you towards success.

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Goals and Vision


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Speaker: Dave Razo

No matter how you develop your goal, you want to have a vision.

Hey, good morning, Coach Dave here, I just wanted to chat with you a little bit about where goals come from and what to do with them once we have them. In my experience, goals come from two main areas. One is a sense of lacking, and not being enough. And two, a deep drive a deep dream, or desire that you have. So, a good example of that sense of lacking occurred in my life. When I graduated from high school, all my friends had that gold tassel on their graduation caps. They’re going on four-year institutions. And, my grades were pretty average and weren’t good enough to have that gold tassel or go on to a four-year college. So, I had to develop myself and I did, I developed myself academically. And, I ended up getting straight A’s and going on to several graduate degrees.

So, goals played an important role in that, goals or the dream of being better. But, it developed out of that sense of lacking. Now, you can also develop a goal from a sense of deep desire, a dream that you have. And, I’ve also used this several times in my life. The first time I can vividly remember was when I wanted to become a pilot. And, I had an opportunity to become a pilot, but I needed to do certain things to develop that opportunity. And I did and so I was able to become a pilot and had a great time as a career pilot. So, you can develop goals from that sense of lacking, that you want to avoid, void motivation. Or, that deep dream, that desire that attracts motivates. So, no matter how you develop your goal, you want to have a vision.

A vision of what you want to attain. And, without a vision, people perish. You’ve got to have a dream to make a dream come true. Hey, just short bursts from Coach Dave today, enjoy.


Goals Driven by Lacking

One common source of goals is a sense of lacking or not feeling enough. Many of us have experienced this at some point in our lives. Coach Dave shares a personal example from his high school graduation. While his friends were moving on to four-year institutions and donning gold tassels on their graduation caps, Coach Dave felt he didn’t measure up academically.

Instead of letting this setback define him, Coach Dave used it as motivation to develop himself academically. He dedicated himself to his studies and achieved straight A’s, eventually going on to pursue several graduate degrees. This experience highlights the power of goals as a driving force for personal growth and improvement.

Goals Driven by Lacking

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dreams to reality

Goals Driven by Deep Desire

On the other hand, goals can also stem from a deep desire or dream that we have. Coach Dave recalls a time when he wanted to become a pilot. He had the opportunity, but he needed to take certain steps to make that dream a reality. Through hard work and determination, he achieved his goal and enjoyed a fulfilling career as a pilot.

This example illustrates how goals rooted in deep desire can ignite a sense of motivation and purpose. When we have a dream that truly resonates with us, it becomes a magnetic force that propels us forward, urging us to take the necessary actions to turn our aspirations into reality.

The Role of Vision

No matter the origin of your goals, it is essential to have a clear vision of what you want to attain. A vision acts as a guiding light, directing your actions and keeping you focused on the desired outcome. Without a vision, it becomes easy to lose sight of your goals and veer off track. Having a vision brings clarity to your journey and helps you stay motivated during challenging times. It serves as a constant reminder of why you set your goals in the first place and keeps you committed to achieving them. As the saying goes, “Without a vision, people perish.” A dream without a clear vision remains just that – a dream. But with a vision in place, you can transform your dream into a tangible reality.


In summary, goals can stem from a sense of lacking or a deep desire. Both sources have the power to propel us forward and drive personal growth. However, regardless of the origin of your goals, having a vision is vital. Your vision acts as a compass, guiding your actions and providing clarity on your journey.

So, whether you develop your goals based on a sense of lacking or a deep desire, remember to have a clear vision of what you want to achieve. With a vision in place, you can turn your goals into tangible results. Keep dreaming, keep setting goals, and enjoy the journey towards your aspirations.

Your vision acts as a compass

Dave Razo

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Dave spent a long and distinguished career as a pilot and leader in the United States Air Force. Along the way, he managed to obtain three graduate degrees.  As an investor in the stock market for more than 37 years, Dave has seen his share of ups and downs.  When Dave retired as a Colonel in 2006, he founded Razor Sharp Investments. Subsequently, he worked with an investment education company, teaching new investors how to handle their money, and then two brokerage firms doing the same thing. 

In 2012, Dave founded his own investment firm.  Dave has always been fascinated by the question, Why do people do the things that they do?  On his discovery journey, he encountered Tony Robbins. He worked with his event staff to eventually progresss through the Institute for Strategic Intervention as a coach, making him ideally suited to tackle the most formidable challenges in a relationship.  Dave continues to be committed to a life of service, mainly serving those struggling in their relationships over money.

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