Article #3: New Year’s Resolution: Identify Your Why

Article #3: New Year’s Resolution: Identify Your Why

Why Do You Want it? Identify Your Why & You Will Fuel Your Tank

This is the third article in a series on Keeping Your New Year’s Resolutions. Read through to the end for links to the complete series and Identify Your Why

Why do you want these goals?
What are your reasons for moving forward toward their attainment?
What is your driving force?

What are your reasons for moving forward toward their attainment?

What is your driving force?

Think about this and write down your answer, and then ask the question again.
Why do you want it?
What will it get you?
How will it make you feel when you get it? If you don’t get it?
When do you want it?
Who will be there with you?

Write it all down. Write now.

Include the “why” behind your dream—the bigger the reason, the more fuel to propel you forward. So, think about the why and reframe it if it doesn’t seem like a big enough reason. Connect to that reason—make it a burning desire, and your fuel will begin to ignite.

Okay—now you have your vision that includes your significant other, family, friends, and anyone you connect with and have a relationship with. And, you have the reasons you want it—your why.

Now that you have the destination and the motor is running, the next step is to start shifting your internal thermostat, building the mental pathway toward your goals. But before we develop the path, let me share a bit of the science behind the theory.

Did you know that a high percentage of lottery winners end up back in their previous financial situation just a few short years after winning? Did you ever wonder why some people get stuck making the same amount of money year after year?

The latest brain science has helped discover the reason.

A part of the brain called the frontostriatal pathway is wired to your blueprint in life: your financial blueprint, relationship blueprint, body image blueprint—basically your entire self-image.

Your self-image, held in your subconscious, can be stronger than your decisions and conscious goal-setting mechanisms, affecting your ability to earn more money, have better relations, or basically attain anything and everything that is outside your comfort zone.

 It is challenging for a person to consistently earn more income than the amount locked into their unconscious brain, where their self-image and financial blueprint reside. Our brains have been trained through repetition, our environment, our own expectations, the expectations of others, and our emotions to earn a certain amount of income, attain a certain level of relationship happiness, and have a certain level of physical fitness. This is your personal comfort zone. There is a zone of comfort for every area of your life.

Mental pathways develop over your lifetime, like muscles. You have probably heard of “muscle memory.”  Like a footpath used over and over, the mental path becomes worn and will automatically fire as part of your subconscious. It automatically filters, deletes, and determines what is in and what is out of your comfort zone. The saying goes that the neurons that fire together eventually wire together. Repetition and emotional attachment are vital to this wiring.

Any activity outside the comfort zone will trigger an alarm inside the brain. This part of the brain is called the hypothalamus, which works a bit like a thermostat. One of its jobs is to trigger items to return to their comfort zone. It operates below our conscious level and regulates our thoughts, emotions, and behaviors.

The good news is that bridging the gap between your current blueprint and your goals is possible. Any area of your life can be rewired or reprogrammed with sufficient repetition and emotional impact.

Once you learn to adjust your comfort zone, self-image, and financial set points, it becomes easier and easier to earn more income or do any of the things your new and improved self-image, your new comfort zone, demands.

Latest brain research shows that any change in the brain is interpreted as stressful. MRIs show the amygdala causes people to fight or take flight—we can also add “freeze” to these responses.

None of these are optimal for goal achievement. This is not what you want when you are trying to expand, grow, excel, magnify, or go beyond your current comfort zone.

You must have an emotional attachment to your goal. This often comes in the form of your “Why.”  This may well be the fuel you need to keep you moving forward when times get tough when things aren’t going as planned. Your “Why” will be the fuel that sustains you. Make it a strong one.

Remember, this is just the second step on the journey. We will provide you with all the steps in the coming articles, and if you want to revisit the 1st and 2nd articles, you can go here LINK HERE

The critical steps to keeping your resolutions and obtaining your goals are broken down into seven master steps to unlock your goal-achieving success. In the coming articles, I will dive deeper into each of these seven master steps to provide you a path to achieving any goal you set your mind to. The seven steps are:

  1. Goal Setting — Mindset
  2. Purpose Driven – Inspiration
  3. Strategies — Education
  4. Overcoming Obstacles – Grit
  5. Turbo Boost – Flow & Environment
  6. Accountability –Forcing Functions
  7. Massive Action—Revisions and Celebrations


So stay tuned, and we will get there together.

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